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Saturday, February 2, 2013

"The Year 2012 - in pReview" pReview

   Although I could count on one hand the number of people who have expressed disappointment in my blogging absence, I felt compelled to update the Phish blog site I have run for the past 18 months...OK, really just 6 of those my Twitter followers have blown up from 29 to 60 in recent weeks, forcing me to face the embarrassment of an outdated website clearly linked to my account. Besides, being well over 100+ pages of actual 12-font text I've decided not to let my e-penned  thoughts add to the trillions of former, now most likely forgotten thoughts strewn upon the Internets black hole. In other words, I clearly felt my thoughts are worth something, and therefore reviving in even more public form than already exhibited. 
   I only attended eight Phish shows this year. Yes, that might seem like many to some, but to many not nearly enough; I agree with the latter, although that agreement didn't come as quickly as it would have in previous years, as I'm 34 now, and can only hear so many Suzy Greenberg's and the sing-alongs those "classics" incite. The reason I started a blog in the first place was to chronicle Phish tour as my crew of vets saw it, and to add some flavor to a bland supply of "Phish can do no wrong" reviews by Mr. Miner and the like. I felt  I accomplished that, and at least a few people seemed to enjoy it. I even inspired a few phriends to go out and do the same thing, although they'd never admit it (Imitation is the highest form of flattery). I promised myself that I would only pReview shows I personally went to, or at least had a close friend in attendance, willing to pay enough attention to blog about the entire experience. So clearly by the lack of any blogs since 2011-2012 MSG, it would appear I attended zero shows, and/or had no crew in attendance. Wrong on both counts - I attended eight whirlwind CA and MSG shows and my crew attended most of them - of course - but wanted nothing to do with my blog. I don't blame them, it's a pain in the ass, hence my absence, despite my attendance at the aforementioned shows, for the past year. It takes a lot to even attend many Phish shows, let alone chronicle them extensively, on the road, with MANY other things going on. So I flaked and basically abandoned my blog site. Well, like I said before, I'm back to rectify that. I will review the shows I attended (you don't care at this point, you say?...well, I'm going to anyway, especially after I saw my boy Phortin and his crew dish out some end of the year awards giving SF  a best set nod). 
   But if you recall, or should I say even ever read at all, my little bio/reasoning space within the blog site claimed that I would be blogging about Phish, science, and sports - can't say I've even broached those latter two subjects once. So that's what I plan to do. My next post will be a multi-part but concise 2012 Year in pReview (I only keep saying that to expand my brand). I will offer my opinions on the shows I attended, and the Phish year in general; a sports recap including the Red Sox fall into oblivion, the Patriots Groundhog year, my presence bringing championships to CA, and Manti Te'O acting the fool; I will also review Obama's reelection, the Republicans shooting off both feet and arms, gun control, and the final piece to me realizing what America is all about; finally I will recap the year in Faulkner - from the sudden death of my longtime graduate advisor and the collapse of my scientific career to the inspiration for my dedication to medical cannabis. Oh yeah, and I will also update relative information like photos, links, polls, and twitter handles. Stay tuned over the next week...if you care.

Phaulkner (formally Trigger Treinta Uno, who died in a mental gun control fight with myself) (no, I'm not going so far to change the whole blog site name)

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