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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coming next week...

Stay tuned for two articles coming next week:

- Not Quite Six Feet: The Plight of the "Short" NFL Quarterback (How will Johnny Manziel fare in the NFL and how have other QBs under 6 feet done it in the past?)

Update: Props to Johnny "Football" for being the first QB to wear pads at his Pro Day. He's starting to grow on me.

- 2014 MLB Preview (A preview of Major League Baseball's upcoming season including team win and playoff predictions & projected award winners)

Stay tuned for articles coming next month(s):

- 2014 NBA Playoffs Preview (A preview of the upcoming NBA playoffs)

- Phish Summer Tour 2014 pReview (A preview of the venues Phish will play in ST14 and a review of the last Phish played in the venue or city/area, which ever is applicable; then we review the shows we attend, which is TBD)

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My latest contribution to (@isportsweb)

Carolina Panthers: Free agency exposes draft needs
By Sean Faulkner (@isportsweb)


Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sports A-Phish-ionado has E...X....P.....A......N.......D........E.........D

Do you love football, but don't necessarily love Phish? Do you upload to read my football-related articles just to be blinded by CK5's 2009 Syracuse lights? Are you hoping to see football predictions and statistics, but instead are distracted by the seemingly endless stream of photos from every single 2011 Phish show? Have no fear, your access to the football side of the in one Phishless package is here. At, we're all football, all the time.