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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PHISH Summer Tour 2013: The End of Their Saturn Return


   Phish dropped their Summer 2013 dates to the public today and excitement is at a fever pitch. Sorry, poor baseball pun. But seriously, we're phucking pumped. From new coastal spots in ME and along Chicago, to old favorites like SPAC and Merriweather, to epic locales like the Gorge and Tahoe, to new jump-offs like Bill Graham in San Francisco and Dick's outside Denver, Summer 2013 looks to have everything for the casual Phish fan to the dedicated tour rat. Shit, some of your parents could do family vacation on this summer tour. Instead of saturating the East Coast with mad summer dates and leaving the rest of the country scrambling for seats at low-capacity arenas, Phish has shown the whole country some love. (sorry lower Midwest, but we were shocked at the OKC/MO/Kansas shows last year anyway!) And I can't express how phucking happy I am that Phish returns to the Gorge (counted on) and Tahoe (such a wonderful surprise). It's really just...awesome.
   For more information go where everyone else is going - (sorry, that's not a link). And you can count on my annual Summer Tour pReview coming sometime soon. You know, the pReview where I review Summer Tour by reviewing the last time Phish played at every venue they plan to play at this coming summer, or the last time they played in that respective city, which ever applies. Then I review the shows I attend, or in some rare (so far non-existent) cases my crew goes to and is willing to write up. So far I'm in for the West Coast...maybe some Bangor/SPAC action. We'll see, summers are busy.

Until then phriends and phamily, stay safe, save your energy, and plan well. And stay off the computer the day I try to get the tickets I don't get through the lottery. Seriously. We'll see you all this summer!

Phaulkner (formally Trigger...we've been over this)