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Friday, September 9, 2011

BenePhish: Special Announcement

   Although we can't claim VT residency, because we live five miles from the border, and only 15 minutes from one of the worst hit towns in VT (Brattleboro), my wife and I consider VT home in a way and were devastated by the damage stemming from the remains of Hurricane Irene last week. Many areas, including several towns around us in MA and VT, were hit hard and are still recovering. We feel honored to be part of the flood benefit show outside Burlington next week, and feel even prouder that our beloved Phish stepped in to try and soften the blow left by the storm.

   If you plan on going consider making something (baked goods, etc.) or bringing some of your hats, shirts, pins or legal etc. to sell to raise some money for the flood effort - even a few of X makes a difference. Many, if not all, of these Phish organizations take charity checks. Sell your stuff like you would at any other show and then give some back, if you can. A little usually goes a long way.

   Unfortunately I don't have any information myself at the moment, but if anyone knows of any organizations helping with the VT (or any other community affected by the floods/storm) recovery effort, or has any information regarding food, clothing, etc. drives at or around the venue, please leave that information via comment, or send the information to me and I'll post it for our readers and abroad. Use social media to get the information out. In the meantime I will look for this information myself and provide it when I find it. I know when we think of VT we think of Killington, Stowe, Lake Champlain, and seems glorious, but trust me, VT needs our help. And so do other surrounding communities. Do what you've always done Phishheads, help when you can!

See you next Wednesday!

- Trigger Treinta Uno

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