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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Leg Poll Results (and then keep going for the NC/VA review)

Despite the extremely poor showing in the polls section (a total of 35 measly responses to the following three poll questions out of nearly 1,800 different page viewers), we have the poll results. The three First Leg polls asked the questions:

1) Which song will be played most during ST11:1? (Choices: Hood, Show Of Life, DWD, Rock 'n' Roll, Possum)

The top answers were DWD (46%) and Possum (26%), followed very closely by Hood (20%). Obviously Possum won with a RIDICULOUS 7 times in 18 shows! That's 35% of the shows so far. Want to know the most disturbing thing? I just realized that Phish played Possum 34% of 2010 shows (17 out of 50 shows) and 33% of 2009 shows (17/52)!! So if anything, we're right on par with the previous two years!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! With only 33 shows slated for 2011 (with 18 behind us) and a probable additional 3-4 shows assuming they do a 3-4 night run at MSG or in Miami that would make for let's say ~37 shows. So this could go one of three ways: Either we're getting 6 more Possums to keep the 33-35% rate going in 3.0, they're going to break 3.0 records in terms of % of shows Possum is played, or they're done with Possum. You be the judge.

2) The longest "stand-alone" song will be: (Choices: DWD, Tweezer, Hood, TTE, Tube)

Stand-alone obviously meant the longest length of ANY song...i.e., I didn't mean one should include segues as one long song (should be obvious), BUT you could include any one song that was part of a segue. I assumed everyone knew what I meant. The top answers were Tweezer (44%) and DWD (33%). Wise choices. The Tube was an obvious joke, and all but one got it...or maybe they got it, too, and were playing along; if so, nicely done. Tube actually got SHORTER this leg if you can believe it. I'm not so sure Tube even AVERAGED 4 minutes in ST11:1. As much as I wanted Tweezer to be the longest tune, DWD took the cake - the birthday cake that is - as the DWD from Mike's birthday show 6/3 in Clarkston was over 24 minutes! Well done, boys.

3) The other random poll question asked was a bitter one after the Alpharetta shows. I bitterly put up a poll that asked what people's opinions were after the recent barrage of Nostalgia Rock. (Choices: Love 'em no matter what, Still go but won't tour, Too many repeats but who cares, and I'm done with these assholes - even though I wrote 'down' by accident...I'm sure that confused many people)

Surprisingly 100% said "I'll still go, but I'm done touring", including myself. I wonder if that southern run through NC/VA changed any minds.

Stay tuned for more polls through the summer, and remember, read the latest review of the NC/VA shows below. See you at Super Ball IX (preview coming later this week)!

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