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Sunday, August 26, 2012

In California With An Aching In My Heart (b/c I'm not on tour!)

     After moving out west and missing the entire first leg I figured a pReview blog was unnecessary - and it was. My intentions with the blog were almost solely to add some flavor - realistic flavor - to the myriad reviews already available, including the sometimes painful to read "Phish can do no wrong" reviews by the omnipresent Mr. Miner. (Note: We all appreciate and respect Mr. Miner). By the way, anyone think I can turn last year's blog into a book? No? I didn't think so. Anyway, our crew knows our shit and I had the ability and dedication to write consistently, so why not review the shows realistically since we were collectively at every one of them. So that's what I did, and so it didn't seem appropriate to review shows I didn't attend. And suffice it to say I wasn't exactly as inspired going into 2012 after 2011/NYE11-12 as I was going into 2011 after 2010, the Year of the Phish Revival. Well SeriousLeigh and I attended the CA shows and let's just say the inspiration is back as I embarked on the beginning of my 10th year of attending Phish shows (remember pholks, no 2001-2002 or 2005-2008). And although I won't pReview any of the remaining Second Leg shows for a lack of attendance, I will pReview MSG12-13 and I hope you'll read my review of the CA run. Let's just say that after an initial (but of course hilarious) Suzy Kick Me In The Balls that had me thinking I was in the midst of a Phish nightmare, the boys blew my wig yet again (for the most part) for the remaining time, including what could be argued as one of the best 3.0 shows yet (SF3).

Check back in a few days for the CA review and some more information as The Phish pReview lives on.

It was great to see everybody at the shows and our crew only grows stronger (new nicknames to come, stay tuned...)

Until then, enjoy the rest of tour and play it safe (to the seven people that will probably remember this blog site - spread the word that I'm still alive and sometimes writing).

- Trigger Treinta Uno